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Long Island Elder Law Attorney

Long Island Elder Law Attorney

Long Island Elder Law Attorney

Several issues and complications arise as one gets older. You begin to worry about your health, about what will happen to that company or business of yours when you’re gone, about your landed properties and estates, about your daily up-keep probably in a nursing home when you become incapacitated. All these are salient issues of which you must avoid making a wrong decision or step, as any mistake would be detrimental to you and your family members when you’re gone.

Are you an aging person living in Long Island? Have you any loved one or relative who has become incapacitated due to age and in dire need of care or legal assistance in figuring out what to do? Then you need to contact a Long Island Elder Attorney!

A Long Island Elder Law Attorney specializes in giving legal assistance to old people in Long Island, guiding them on taking the right step and decisions as regards their estate, long-term upkeep and medical care.

Elder Law is different from Estate law in that while Estate Law protects the landed property which you leave behind at the eventuality of death, Elder Law protects your interest and needs before death.

Predicaments associated with aging people and why they need the Long Island Elder Law Attorney

There are different options – provisions – available in Elder Law. Your particular situation or predicament would determine what you’re to opt for, and here you’ll need the expertise and professional advice of an experienced Long Island Elder Law Attorney.

Likely conditions that may apply to you as a senior citizen are as follows:

  1. You’re a low-income earner.
  2. You have one or more companies or small scale businesses.
  3. You have one or more disabilities.
  4. You have a family member or partner with one or more disabilities, or the person is aged.
  5. You have deviant or wayward kids.
  6. You’ve had no kids of your own
  7. You have one or more estates in your name.
  8. You have substantial assets.
  9. You plan to give your estate or some of it to charity.

If one or more of this applies to you, then you should hasten and seek the legal aid of a competent Long Island Elder Law Attorney, as regards what course of action to take.

Areas where the Long Island Elder Law Attorney specializes

The Long Island Elder Law Attorney, just as any other lawyer, specializes in a certain aspect of law that deals with peculiar group of persons. In this light, the Long Island Elder Law Attorney is concerned with elderly citizens and how to help them follow due legal protocols in obtaining their needs such as:

Estate planning and security for your assets

As you grow older, it becomes imperative that you make specific plans for your estate. Every one must die, but your estate would live on. In whose care would you put all that estate and hard-earned assets? Do not hesitate to hire the trusted services of an Elder Law Attorney to avoid making costly mistakes that would cause someone else (e.g the state) benefit hugely from your hard-earned sweat.

Medicare and Medicaid and Long-term Care

There comes a time in every one’s life (in the fortunate case of living to a ripe old age) when they’ll be rendered incapable of caring for their own selves. Here, the government has made provisions for long-term care in nursing homes, as well as Medicare and Medicaid benefits. These benefits cover the cost of health care, food and shelter for old people. A Long Island Elder Law Attorney will help you apply for these provisions and ensure you become a beneficiary.

Medicare fraud and Elder abuse

Are the Medicare benefits which you’re entitled to not coming your way? Or are you been abused by your supposed caretaker? There may be foul-flay within the nursing home or Medicare company. The Long Island Elder Law Attorney would help you file a complaint.

These amongst others, are ways in which the Elder Law Attorney would assist you. Therefore, hurry now and contact a Long Island Elder Law Attorney today.